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Friday, November 1

National Novel Writing Month Kickoff

Everyone can write a novel! Grab a cup of coffee at Adam Bros., and start your novel. It takes less than a month, and it is a lot of fun! Last Updated:...

Class Chapels / Freshmen Departmental Advising

Freshmen will be in the Crum Recreation Center Sophomores/Juniors will be in the Ladue Auditorium Seniors will be in the Upper Union Unable to attend...

Student Recital

Come support our GC Music Majors as they perform in this, the third student recital of the semester. Last Updated: August 13, 2013

TED talks at 3:30

Go to Jo's Java and participate in a TED talk discussion lead by various campus faculty, staff and students. The first 20 people to arrive and participate...

Friday, November 1